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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose HHCC?
  • Friendly, courteous, and respectful care from educated, experienced staff
  • Representing and servicing all major brands
  • 60-day trial period! Full refund with no servicing or restocking fees
  • FREE batteries for the lifetime of your hearing instruments
  • FREE servicing, cleaning, wax removal, testing, and adjusting once you are a patient
  • 3 locations to serve you best
  • Open five days a week
  • Several financing options available
  • Voted #1 Hearing Care Center 4 years in a row
  • 35-40% patient referrals
  • Locally owned and family operated


What happens if I move?

Because we deal with only global manufacturers, we can find a local dealer for you in the new area you are moving to.

My insurance doesn’t cover hearing aid; how can I afford them?


What brands do you carry?


I think I hear just fine. Why would I need a hearing test?

We all need a point of reference for how well we are hearing. How do you know if you are losing your hearing if you don’t have a starting point?

I know many people that have hearing aids in the drawers, how do I know that won’t happen?

We are extremely experienced at fitting only the appropriate hearing instrument for your specific loss. We deliver your hearing instruments to you carefully in accordance with how well your brain will accept the new amplification. There is no time limit as to how quickly you need to get adjusted. Everyone takes amplification differently.

Why is it such a big deal if I can’t hear?


How often do I need to come in?

Proper follow-up care in maintaining our brains’ ability to understand the sounds of speech is the main reason to wear amplification. For this to be effectively done, quarterly care is needed.

I struggle to hear my children/ grandchildren on the phone, will hearing aids help?

The key to any successful hearing instrument fitting is to make sure the appropriate hearing instrument has been chosen for you based on your specific loss and individual struggles. There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to hearing instruments.

What if I struggle to hear TV?


I have trouble understanding in a meeting at work


I am interested in learning about hearing aids but not ready to come in yet


I see so many different advertisements; how do I choose which device is right for me?

Freq. specific amplification vs. OTC and amplifier

I bought my hearing aids at another hearing center. Can you service my devices?

Because of our relationships with multiple manufacturers, we can service the majority of hearing aid brands.

I am / my parents are in an assisted living, could you help?

We service many assisted living complexes in the area. We’re proud to offer testing and dispensing on site.

I have vision and dexterity issues

We have many options to help you cope with these challenges. Our friendly specialists also offer one-on-one instructing and practice using your hearing aids.

My mother has a hard time with her fingers, do you have options for rechargeable batteries?

Yes! We carry all makes, models, styles, and manufacturers.


I was just tested at another facility, and it was a very high-pressure sales situation; will that same thing happen at Hart Hearing Care?

We promise you will only decide on moving forward when you are ready. There will never be a high-pressure sales tactic used. We at Hart Hearing Care are in business to bring you the best hearing aid device at a great price.

Don’t Wait to Hear Better