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Tinnitus is a persistent ringing, chirping or buzzing sound that occurs inside the ear. Most of us have experienced it at one time or another, but for many people that sound is persistent and bothersome interfering with daily life making it difficult to concentrate, distinguish real sounds, and even sleep peacefully.

While there is a lot unknown about the causes of tinnitus or a cure for that matter, we do have effective tinnitus treatments available. What we do know is that tinnitus sufferers respond well to the introduction of a soothing sound to counteract the negative sensation caused by tinnitus. Sound masking therapy includes sounds like oceans waves, birds chirping or the wind blowing through the trees. Some of today’s best hearing aids like the ReSound LiNX² have tinnitus sound generators built in.

ReSound LiNX2In addition, we do know that in 80% of cases there is an associated degree of hearing loss. It is believed that in that the tinnitus sounds are more prevalent as normal ambient sounds are harder to perceive due to reduced hearing function. It is vitally important as a tinnitus sufferer that you get a thorough hearing evaluation. In some cases merely addressing the loss minimizes the tinnitus symptoms. Others may require sound generation therapy in addition to the use of a hearing aid.

ReSound has introduced a free app that you can download to your iPhone or Android device. The ReSound Relief™ app is an easy to use sound generator that you can use on your phone. And for those wearing a ReSound LiNX, you can stream the sounds directly to your hearing aids.

If you or someone close to you struggle with unwanted ringing noises in their ears, call us. We can conduct an evaluation and discuss effective tinnitus treatment options.