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Articles and Industry News

Here are articles, resources and information curated from industry leaders that we found useful and wanted to share with you.


The Athlete’s Auditory World – Kraus, Nina PhD
The Hearing Journal: February 2020 – Volume 73 – Issue 2 – p 6

‘Brainvolts has embarked on a longitudinal study of elite collegiate student-athletes to understand the short- and long-term effects of concussions on the auditory brain. In this study, we test nearly 500 elite athletes annually, before and after their sports seasons…’

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Family Involvement in Adult Audiology Appointments – Reynolds, Bailey; Yoho, SarahE. PhD; Muñoz, Karen EdD
The Hearing Journal: February 2020 – Volume 73 – Issue 2 – p 14,15

“The involvement of family and loved ones in health care appointments can be very beneficial, including providing patients with emotional and logistical support and sharing the burden of processing information.1-3 This may be particularly true for audiology appointments…”

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